Matrics2 and the Internet of Things

The linking of Sensors, Tags, Gadgets, Machines, People or any object(s) to any digital network(s) through RNID's. This will mean that the physical world can now be digitized, Secured, monitored, measured, and optimized.

He with the Most Data Wins

PICA - Its History and its Future

He With The Most Data Wins 


Parallel Integrated Chip Assembly

Learn more about how Matrics2’s NFC RFID enables total Privacy with total Anonymity.

Great Things Done

The Matrics2 Vision

The Next Big Thing

The Matrics2 Opportunity


Parallel Integrated Chip Assembly

Matrics2 - Total Anonymity
The Gate Keeper

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Our Talented Team

Michael R ArnesonCEO & Founder

Mr Arneson is the CEO & Founder of Matrics2, Co-founder/CTO of Innurvation, Inc.,Located in Columbia, MD., as well as the Co-founder/CEO & CTO – Board member of Harvest Seed International Foundation whose Mission is to Aid and feed children in third world countries.


Dr. William R Bandy PH.D holds several AWARDS. Most notably the ERNST & YOUNG Entrepreneur of the year 2004 Finalist., The NSA Distinguished Service Award University of Maryland Department of Physics Distinguished Alumnus Award 2012.

Dave EastinVP Antenna Development
Mr. Eastin has extensive experience in delivering innovative leadership, management and technical solutions from a variety positions. He has held Managing Partner, Vice President, Director, Business Manager, in public and private firms. Managing Partner Artrac Technology, Grafton, MA

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