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Random Number Security System For Cybersecurity

[Grand Rapids, MN]: Matrics2 today has announced that it has accomplished a major milestone by being selected as one of the TOP 180 companies out of 800 applicants to present its secure cloud-based technology at the prestigious AFWERX Challenge. This milestone is a major move for Matrics2 on its mission to harness the power of quantum random numbers by linking them to every sensor, tag, machine, down loaded software, music, person, gadget or object(s) through any digital network(s) or platform using their Matrics2’s Quantum Random Number security system.

The AFWERX Challenge, according to General Stephen Wilson, Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force, was created “ to accelerate inventive solutions from individuals, startups, small businesses, large enterprises, academia and research labs in the most collaborative way and get them to America’s Airmen at the speed of relevance.”

Michael Arneson, Matrics 2’s CEO and co-founder, stated that “This accomplishment affords our company the recognition and credibility that we have been trying to cultivate, and hopefully, it will open many doors for our future success.”

Matrics2 will be presenting in the category of Cybersecurity and the Challenge is Persistent ISR. Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) functions are principal elements of U.S. defense capabilities, and they include a wide variety of systems for acquiring and processing information needed by national security decision makers and military commanders.

According to Dr. William Bandy, Chief Scientist and co-founder, “Given our extensive experience within the cybersecurity world, and joined with our success with RFID, we have decided to take on the challenge to create and provide a non-intrusive, and totally distributed secure cloud database system for the authentication and verification for any Air Force cybersecurity application using a quantum random number system (QRNs).”

Matrics 2’s presentation is scheduled for September 11, 2020 at 10 AM.

Matrics2 will also be participating in the AFWERX Showcase on September 29th and 30th. This is a virtual program showcasing all the participants. it can be attended by anyone by logging onto

Learn more about Matrics2 at

Matrics2 LLC was co-founded by Michael Arneson and Dr. William Bandy in 2015. It is a seed round funded company now seeking A round funding.  

ex-NSA scientists who aresecuring supply chainspreventing counterfeitingauthenticating and verifyingtracking and tracingdigitally fingerprintingusing patented one-time secure-key encryption with random numbers


Securing every supply chain, every financial transaction, and every data communication by harnessing the power of random numbers, with our secure random number one-time symmetric key encryption system, thus providing the world a net global benefit of over $8.77T per year.

A Clean Sheet Approach to Innovation as a Pathway to Market Leadership and Privacy for the Internet of Things (IoT)


Matrics2 is the Gate Keeper and the Keeper of all RNID Keys

Your One Stop Security Solution

  1. Matrics2’s technology is focused on the IoT communications, security and it’s privacy
  2. Matrics2’s software can communicate with any provider's software platform
  3. Matrics2’s authentication process works within the cloud or in a private network
  4. Matrics2 offers a centralized device authentication and management key system just like NSA
  5. Only requires a single TAP, or an optical QRC scan with a smart phone on an RNID
  6. Eliminates passwords
  7. Can be used as a role based security access control system

One Time Pad Encryption


What is One Time Pad Encryption?

One Time Pad Encryption is a very simple, yet completely unbreakable cipher methodology. It has been used for decades in military electronic cipher systems, encrypting personal sensitive data, high capacity secure storage media, continuous key protection, as well as, offering outstanding message security without sacrificing convenience and overhead.
What are Touch Access Portals / Points?

TAPs can be either “active / passive” electronic devices, or optical read scans, with key-secured communication with the Matrics2 Secure Data Base (SDB), which serves as a Secure Portal (SP) to the SDB, referred to as a TAPs. TAPs can be key-secured NFC Smart Phones, or a key-secured internet connected TAPs associated with an ATM, gas pump, cash register, card reader, or any device that provides financial transactional services.

With the linking of every sensor, tag, gadget, machine, object(s) or person to any digital network(s) using Matrics2’s Random Number IDs and secure database.

By connecting these products, it is a massive opportunity. When you embed tags and sensors into your products, they transform your business.


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