Gate Keeper and Keeper of Keys Through Random Number IDs (RNIDs)

The RNIDs are generated within a central Secure Data Base (SDB) that guarantees their uniqueness and authenticates RNs being queried within the SDB to ensure that there are no attempts to counterfeit any entity’s RN.  The total security is insured by using one-time pad symmetric RN keying and by preventing human interface to the SDB.  The interface to the SDB is via a secure software Database Interface App (DIA) with its own unique Application RNID (ARNID) that a user downloads from the SDB onto a user computing/ communication device such as a Smart Phone, Laptop, Notebook, or Tablets, or in the future ATM’s. The DIA ARNID is used in all transactions, with the SDB protecting both the privacy of the user and the security of the SDB.  No personal or private user information is ever revealed, sent, or stored with any third party just the RNID.

Each entity’s identifying information can be associated with the RN assigned to it either in the SDB.  Alternatively, the entity RN is associated in the SDB with a pointer RN, which refers to another database where the entity identifying information is associated with its RN.  This approach opens a wide range of enterprise applications, where retail manufactures can apply RN tags to each product they produce where product information is associated with the RNs in their own secure databases.