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Matrics2, Inc., a Delaware Corporation

May 2014 – Present


Formed to enable production of ultra-low-cost, ultra-high volumes of NFC RFID tags using Massive Parallel Integrated Chip Assembly (“MPICA”) a new enhanced technology invented by Matrics2.

Innurvation, Inc., Columbia, MD

2006 – Present

Co-founder/CEO & CTO – Board member

Created to produce low cost Endoscopic Capsule devices for early detection of small and large bowel diseases. Funded with $6+ million startup capital from the success of Matrics, Inc. in 2004. Currently produced prototype device ready for animal trials. Device uniquely scans high resolution 60 µm lines providing 3D imaging of esophagus, small and large bowels. As there was no technology precedent, new manufacturing processes for the capsule, reader and their infrastructures were designed.


Michael R. Arneson Foundation (Harvest Seed International Foundation)

2006 – Present Co-founder/CEO & CTO – Board member

Aid feeding children in third world countries.


Symbol Technologies, Inc., Holtsville, NY

2004 – 2006


Continued to develop the RFID industry to where today it is considered to be the number one RFID platform in the world.

Matrics, Inc., Rockville, MD

1999 – 2004

Co-founder/CEO & CTO

Developed and produced low-cost, high performance Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag technology and products. Deployed into various major supply chain companies Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, etc. Bought by Symbol Technologies, Inc., in 2004 for over $230 million.


US National Security Agency/Department of Defense

1979 – 1999

R&D specializing in electronic design, development and integration of advanced electronic security technologies. Specialized in re-engineering applications of smart materials, sensors, batteries, and software and hybrid integrated circuitry. Managed hundreds of multi-million dollar government programs, from research to implementation into the commercial sector. Constantly on loan to the US State Department working on security of various American Embassies. Loaned to the CIA and worked with DARPA for various security programs.


US Air Force Electronic Security Command

1974 – 1979 Operated in the Far East, Italy and Colorado



University of Columbia, Columbia, South Carolina

AA, 1979-1982

Capitol University, Laurel, Maryland

BSEET, 1984 - 1987

University of Maryland

First Responder, EMT Training, 1988

Volunteer Fire Fighter



Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

American Physical Society

American Chemical Society

Materials Research Society



Inactive TS/SCI with Polygraph



Various classified and technical publications within and for Intelligence Agencies.

Latest Publication: Y. Okunev, M. Arneson, W. Bandy, R. Davenport, B. Jamieson, K. Powell, W. Shanks, A. Trivelli, "Acoustic Intra-Body Data Transmission", submitted to IEEE Communication Magazine, and published on Innurvation.com website



ERNST & YOUNG Entrepreneur of the year 2004 Finalist

IEEE’s best paper of the year award, twice, in advanced packaging

NSA Distinguished Service Award

Domestic Technology Awards - 1995 and 1998

Presidential Citation Award in 1976 for humanitarian services

Service awards: DARPA – DIS – Army – Air Force – Navy – Department of State – CIA – NSA



Inventor and co-inventor of over 100 patent applications and patents in both classified and unclassified areas of technology.




The Seven Crows of Crowsville

The Case of the Sock Monster


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