As a secured data delivery service, Matrics2 will always be the Random Number ID (RNID) generator and authentication clearing house. Matrics2 will exclusively generate and secure database (SDB) every RNID by each Customer’s ID (CID). Once those registered RNIDs arrive at the customer, the customer then assigns those RNIDs to specific designated items within their secure database either electronically or by TAP RNIDs (TRNIDS). The pairing of these RNIDs to a specific customers’ item or product is considered the verification or validation function for each of those products’ integrity and authenticity. When Matrics2 authenticates a RNID by its secure App (ARNID), it confirms that it’s only that customer’s RNID and it’s a real Matrics2 RNID. In summary, "Verification" is all about the genuineness about that item, and that the item is one that was originally paired to by a customer; and "Authentication" is about whether it is really theirs or fake.